A Document Automation Leader

Paradatec is a provider of efficient, accurate and flexible AI-based mortgage document automation that delivers the fastest document indexing and data extraction in the mortgage industry. Paradatec’s out-of-the-box technology significantly automates loan processing by accurately identifying more than 750 unique documents in the typical loan file and capturing over 8,500 data elements — all in a fraction of a second per page.

There’s a reason why 3 of the 10 largest U.S. banks and 4 of the 10 largest servicers trust Paradatec to help them originate, onboard and audit loan files. No one does it better.


For over two decades, Paradatec has been committed to delivering the most efficient, accurate, and flexible document indexing and data extraction technology in the mortgage industry. And, while those that have tried to compete have gone through organizational and ownership changes, Paradatec has stayed true to its mission of providing the mortgage industry’s most powerful document processing automation technology.

From the launch of the company’s first products in 1997, Paradatec has been a pioneer in advanced OCR technology, leveraging a hybrid of AI, machine learning and robotics to produce pristine loan data that eliminates most manual effort, reduces costs, increases turnaround and improves compliance. Today, mortgage originators, servicers, BPO companies and due diligence firms use Paradatec’s technologies to process billions of pages per year.



Neil Fraser
Director of U.S. Operations

Neil Fraser manages all of Paradatec’s operations and has grown the company every year since its incorporation in 2002. Neil is responsible for the company’s growth and profitability as well as developing long-term operational strategies and overseeing staff. He has a background in computer security and has managed teams developing software and firmware for the power generation and aerospace industries. Immediately prior to Paradatec, Neil served as president and founder of Curriculum Corporation, a computer security consulting and training organization.

Paul Fischer
Director of Professional Services

Since joining Paradatec in 2013, Paul Fischer has helped many mortgage lenders and servicers leverage the company’s document processing technologies to improve their operational efficiencies. Paul has more than 25 years of technology experience, including more than 15 years leading the design and installation of document capture, content management and workflow automation systems for companies in multiple industries. Paul has extensive expertise in document capture technologies, workflow automation, business process management, and application integrations. Prior to joining Paradatec, Paul was the director of consulting services for Ricoh Americas Corporation, where he provided lean business process analysis and reengineering services to streamline workflows for his clients. He also served as senior managing architect for IKON Office Solutions, where he was responsible for leveraging the company’s technologies to deliver process efficiency and cost savings.

Mark Tinkham
Director of Business Alliances

Mark Tinkham has more than 25 years of experience delivering innovative solutions to the financial services industry and has built a reputation for creating out-of-the-box solutions and ideas that help companies improve efficiencies and reduce costs. In addition to his vast knowledge of OCR technology, his expertise includes technology consulting, data capture and content management. Prior to joining Paradatec in 2007, Mark held various technology consulting positions at Unisys Corporation focused on banking and imaging technology, and National Computer Systems as a senior consultant with a focus on public sector and commercial automation solutions. Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Arizona and an MBA with a focus in finance from Arizona State University.

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Our Clients Love Us

From originators to servicers, BPOs and external due diligence firms trust Paradatec to streamline document processing.

We asked a number of vendors, including the Paradatec team, to help us perform an extensive due diligence process that included an out-of-the-box, blind test with our own loan samples and proof of concept test.  Paradatec was the clear winner based on our comprehensive vetting process.

Steven Davids
Senior Vice President of Correspondent Lending, Northpointe Bank