AI Research Analyst

Job Title:

AI Research Analyst

Job Location:

Cincinnati, Ohio with telecommuting from home office permitted.  Travel up to 40% to Cincinnati, Ohio office with up to 35% travel to client sites throughout U.S.


Paradatec, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a leader in application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the realm of document analysis in the financial industry. Our solutions are used in some of the largest home mortgage lenders in the country. The core of our technology is an AI-based document classifier and a complementary AI-based document separator that are designed to replace humans in identifying financial documents, primarily in the home mortgage space.  The AI Research Analyst will possess a mix of excellent technical skills, focused on artificial intelligence, together with the ability to communicate effectively in large group settings such as in sales presentations. The ability to express complex ideas in simple terms that our customers can understand is crucial.  To apply for this position, please send an introductory E-mail together with a resume to

Specific duties include:

  • Develop and tune AI-based systems to recognize financial documents with no human adjudication;
  • Develop and tune AI-based systems to automatically extract data from financial documents with no human adjudication;
  • Apply transfer learning techniques to our existing AI-based objects;
  • Act as a self-starter in terms of generating new ideas and techniques; and
  • Transfer knowledge of AI learning techniques across the team.

Basic Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or closely related field with an overall (cumulative) GPA of 3.7 or above, from U.S. school. (Foreign degrees not accepted.)  In addition to the degree, must have any amount of:

  • Experience or experiential learning applying transfer learning techniques to real world problems; and
  • Experience or experiential learning using the Appium platform for testing of apps in both IOS and Android.

Employer will accept experiential learning gained during the degree program such as internships, externship, or similar.

This position is eligible for the employer’s employee referral program.

Our Clients Love Us

From originators to servicers, BPOs and external due diligence firms trust Paradatec to streamline document processing.

We asked a number of vendors, including the Paradatec team, to help us perform an extensive due diligence process that included an out-of-the-box, blind test with our own loan samples and proof of concept test.  Paradatec was the clear winner based on our comprehensive vetting process.

Steven Davids
Senior Vice President of Correspondent Lending, Northpointe Bank